Easily track/review recordings of transferred calls

Hey everyone!

Savvy in PBX, noob on this forum; but I’ve frequently used the posts here to solve easy fixes I’ve come across in the past. Anyway, we have a very elaborate PBX setup with tons of DIDs, extensions, multi-level IVR’s, etc. We’ve also built in a few funny features for our personal entertainment; this one needs some help:

We have a misc destination (666) which transfers the caller to an announcement with a custom recording of Arnold Schwarzenegger (courtesty of a Fiverr gig), who replies with generic answers such as: “Was I speaking with you earlier this week?” and “I think it’s time for you to get erased.” After playing the entire recording, the announcement fails over to a hangup-disconnect. It’s really funny for transferring solicitors and telemarketers. The best part is it’s all recorded, so we can go back and listen to the caller talking back and fourth with Arnold, usually for more than 30 seconds…

Our issue is we have no way to track down the calls in the monitoring section of the PBX dashboard. Because the original call comes into a queue, and is answered by a random extension, and then blind transferred to a non-extension (the misc destination) - we cannot lookup a call by “transferred to misc destination 666”. Therefore, the history will only yields information about the incoming source and extension destination :frowning:

Not sure if we should convert the misc destination into an extension, or otherwise transfer to something other than a misc destination. Bottom line, we need an easy way to track down the 4-5 funny transfers per week, out of our normal 600+ calls. Any ideas? Or feedback :wink: