Easily see the Queues, Ring Groups, etc. that an extension is part of?

I see that this question was asked but unanswered back in April by user “masher81”.

Just curious if there is an easy way to see this, or if checking all of the ring groups and queues manually is the only surefire way to see what a certain extension is a part of. Thank you!

You could look at/export the MySQL database table. That would be very quick.

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Unless @comtech’s solution works for you, I can’t think of a way that would be simple. Also, you’re actually going to have to drag through the ASTDB because some of your extensions may be logging in instead of being “assigned”, which (I’m reasonably sure) is all you’re going to get from the MySQL database.

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Reports -> Asterisk Info -> Queues will show you all queue info on a single page, including static and logged in dynamic agents. There is no corresponding page for ring groups.


Thank you all for your responses. In our FreePBX environment, checking these manually isn’t a huge hassle, just wanted to ensure I wasn’t missing an option that would have saved time when the need arose to review the ring groups and queues. The Asterisk queue info page lgaetz mentioned will definitely help.

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