Easily re-record "a daily schedule" outgoing message?

ok, heres what I’m trying to do…

I would like to setup an ivr destination that plays a recording of a daily schedule then sends the caller back to the ivr.
the catch is I need it easy for a user to re-record the message daily. ideally if any local extension calls a specific extension it prompts them to start recording then press # when done and it automatically replaces yesterdays message.

I guess what i really need is an easy way to re-record the message for the announcements module easily and from just a phone no web ui

I just have no idea how to go abut setting such a thing up

any help would be great!!!

System Recordings -> Link To Feature Code - Check it and put a password and then anyone that dials that code and knows the password can re-record the message any time they want to.

As far as playing the message and then bouncing back to the IVR, that is what Applications -> Announcements are for - they can have this exact behavior.


Thanks! i didnt see the option for direct rerecording! how i missed that im not sure.