Early Media/Progress Tone


I have a weird problem with our FreePBX system. As all of you already know, the tone that you hear when calling international numbers are different (depending on what country you’re trying to call) than when dialing local numbers. However, whenever our users call international numbers they hear a different tone than what they should be hearing for international calls. Now, during my research, I learned that Asterisk generates a generic tone and this is what our users hear instead of the usual tone. I’m trying to get rid of it but I can’t seem to find out how. This is what I’ve done so far but to no avail:

–> I’ve tried removing the ‘r’ on the Asterisk Dial Options
–> I’ve tried all kinds of combination of values on progressinband and prematuremedia on the configuration files.

Furthermore, it would seem that this problem only happens on SIP. When I tried to make a test call using IAX2 I can hear the appropriate tone.

We use FreePBX and Asterisk

Any idea or suggestions to fix this?