E911 Numbers not showing

I imported all of my E911 numbers using the Bulk handler, For some reason they are not showing on the extensions page. But when I export them again using bulk handler they export like they are there.
Is this a known issue or did I just come across a bug?

FreePBX version 16 on SNG7

What do you mean by “imported all of my E911 numbers”? Into the “Emergency CID” field on an individual extension or actual inbound routes?

I imported them by going into the bulk handler and then selecting the Emergency CID tab and importing them them there. It asks for Mac of the phone, location etc.

That’s not a value that gets added to the Extension. It says in the description:

Emergency CIDs from the Endpoint Manager module.

If you want it to be part of the extension you have to modify the setting on the Extensions tab of the bulk handler. I would export your current extensions settings. Make the modifications in the csv you get and then import that csv with your changes.

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