E911-Leave-First route CID isn't over-riding the trunk CID

I have FreePBX running on Asterisk 13.28.0. Towards the end of 2020 I set up an E911-Leave-First route. My phone system has four geographic TNs registered with the local PSAP. This is for a very large warehouse/corporate complex with two satellite locations locally. The route is set up with one TN as the Route CID with the format recommended by hovering over the ? and the route is set as an emergency route. This TN is effective for most of the extensions in the complex and is associated with the west side. These extensions do not have an Emergency CID set on them individually. All the other extensions have an Emergency CID set depending on location, east side of the main campus or one of two off-site locations. These also use the format recommended by hovering over the ?, the TN without the greater or lesser signs. The trunk that this route points to is a SIP trunk and has the main TN of the account set as the CID in the format “Company Name” directly in front of the TN within the lesser and greater signs. The trunk does not hide and is set to allow any CID.

Monday a call to 911 was placed from an office on the west side of the campus. As such, that extension did not have an Emergency CID set on it, the expectation being that it would use the CID set on the E911 route. I have email notifications setup. In the email I have the time, extension, route used and CID sent. The CID was that of the trunk instead of the expected E911 route that the call used to enter the PSTN. I contacted emergency services to verify that this was in fact the TN they received with the call. It was.

I have gone over the configuration of the PBX several times now and do not see what is wrong with it. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. I would really like to get into compliance.

I have figured it out. It turns out that the system had been configured previously with a custom extension 911 with a Follow Me pointing to a Misc Destination that dials 9911. This means that the hard set ECID values were ignored and the trunk CID was used instead.

I have 933 configured into the system. And when I would dial that the proper ECID was inserted into the call record. I set 933 up exactly like the 911 scenario above. Whenever I dial 933 the ECID gets stripped and the trunk CID inserted into the call record. I added prefix 9, 933 to the route and when I dial that without the Misc Destination in between, low and behold the proper ECID is inserted into the record as it was with 933 before.

I did not want to abandon the post without providing a solution. In case this helps someone else out down the road.

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