E911 CID based on phone hardware or physical location

I’m setting up some phones in a school campus where some users have desks in other school. I’m looking to keep the extension the same, but have a question about e911 routing. How can I install 2 phones with the same extension, but set the e911 CID based on the phones location?

Maybe somebody here has done it by device but I am not finding anything in the GUI right now that would allow you to assign an Emergency CID to anything but an outbound route or a specific extension.

We are using Class Of Service for this in larger deployments but that does depend on the extension.

Plan B could be to have two different extension numbers but have Find me Follow me enabled on both to point to each other so that when either extension is called both phones will still ring but then you can have separate Emergency CIDs that go with the extension.

The phone system we are replacing had different extensions for each building in a case like this, and I’m trying to eliminate that. May end up going find me/follow me if I can’t do it otherwise.

Set up a secondary extension for the user. For example, primary extension is 123 in main school. Assign 7123 in other school (with appropriate Emergency CID). For extension 7123, also set CID Num Alias to 123, so calls from 7123 will show as coming from 123. For extension 123, set Follow Me to ring both 123 and 7123.

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