E911 2nd location question

(Jeff) #1

I am wondering how to set up a second location through a VPN to have that location be correct for e911.

I have set up the main location, I went into the Telnyx portal (my SIP provider) and added emergency services and added that location. But right now the second location is wrong.

This second location only has 2 phones but I know i need to get the e911 location right. Do I add another phone number in the telnyx portal and then add that 2nd location to it? Then with those extensions do i add that second phone number under emergency CID?

(Jared Busch) #2

That is exactly what the emergency CID field is for. You don’t have to buy aonther DID unless you only have the one. Just use a second one.

(Jeff) #3

So, am I correct that I would just add the 2nd number as another emergency outbound route in the outbound routes page. Add that number to my ext. emergency CID and I will be good to go?

(Jared Busch) #4

If you make a second route, then you don’t need to do anything on the extensions and just force the CID in the route.

(Jeff) #5

Thank you for the help, everything seems to be working great.

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