E1 Over IP Regarding

Dear All ,

I have couple of FreePBX box which is connected by a E1 line through Digium Card. Now our telecommunication provider is telling that they wont provide traditional E1 line but only provde E1 over IP. Its possible to use this technology with Freepbx / Asterisk ??

Thanks in Advance

Exactly what does the provider mean by E1 over IP?

For example AT&T has a product called IP Flex where they provide a gateway on site (basically a Cisco router). The gateway uses VoIP as a backbone transport but has a T1 card (in my case) to connect to the FreePBX system via a Digium PRI card.


Actually they mean like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TDMoIP
They are not going to provide the traditional technology.