Dynroutes MySQL lookup Booking Number

Hi all, I am hoping one of you amazing people will be able to help. I have already had a look at endless posts and for some reason, can’t seem to figure out what is not working.

Bit of context. I am looking to have a user go through IVR and press 0 to be prompted to enter booking number and then if valid be put through else go elsewhere.
Thanks to some of you already as I have got so far by using dynamic routes and can get the caller to input a number and this be displayed as prefix but this is where I am stuck.

I have created an SQL server and trying to get the name field from the record to be displayed as prefix just to get started but for some reason it wont display the name field as prefix.

and then in CID Name Prefix I have it as such

CID Name Prefix: ${DYNROUTE_Name} - Current Booking:

I am not sure if this is too much for the standard GUI and will need to look at the AGI route but have no idea where to even start there at this point.

Any help or pointing out my mistakes will be greatly appreciated.

What version of asterisk? The app_mysql module was removed in Asterisk 19, so anything newer than 18 will break this feature in dynroutes.

Version 16.30.0

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