Dynamic volume

Hi everybody here,
I have a problem that the 3 days after yum updating(yum -y update) my trixbox (ce 2.6.2 stable), i can not access my box. So i went to the box where i located it and i found that BOOT Failure .So I thought that i might be HDD error and I checked it as secondary device on my windows .In there i found that my trixbox hdd became dynamic volume thats why my pc could not load the trixbox.
Pls someone let me know why it was and how it can b solve and how to prevent it not be again like that next time when i install trixbox.
Any help will b greatly appriciated!



Please don’t take this the wrong way but we are not the trixbox support center for verison 2.6.x and above. It has to do with them taking a copy of the FreePBX source, forking it and not submitting patches back so that the we can see what they mucked with.

Besides that you seem to have a HD issue with it being converted to a windows dynamic drive? This is clearly not a FreePBX issue as we have nothing to do with the hard disk file system structures. We require all of that to be setup (asterisk, apahce, MySQL, etc) before you can install FreePBX. What I can tell you is DO NOT install a linux drive into a windows box as strange things can happen unless you know exactly what you are doing.