Dynamic Voicemail Messages with Ring Groups

I’m new to FreePBX but have been very impressed with the functionality and ease of use.

I’ve got Ring Groups setup for each user with the ringall-prin option set. This way it will ring both extension one for the office and the other extension to there softphone, but not ring if the office extension is in use. This is all working well

What I’m trying to do is change what happens with the call if no one answers or if the user is on the phone or extension busy. Right now I have the destination set to voicemail and the voicemail destination to the user’s voicemail box busy message.

Is it possible to make the voicemail message unavailable play when no one answers and the busy message play if the extension is in use?

Freepbx 13.0.100
Asterisk 11.21.2

Thank you for the help.

no, ring groups aren’t really designed for this. You can upgrade to Asterisk 13 and use PJSIP wich allows multiple registrations

Thank you for the quick reply. I was afraid that is what you were going to say.

I tried changing over to PJSIP, but I don’t believe my devices are capable of it. I set up PJSIP on port 5062 and my devices to the same. Of course after switching the extension driver to PJSIP. All I’m seeing in the asterisk log is every device is still trying to register with chan_sip on the new port of 5062 with error wrong password which would be correct when its using the wrong driver. I already restarted the server a couple of times after the changes with no luck.

The two devices I’m using are
Grandstream GXP2140 Firmware
Bria iPhone Edition 3.6.3 Build 33676

Thanks again for the help.