Dynamic routes lookup source ODBC

Hi Guru’s,

In the dynamic routes we need to connect to a external database. Only this database requires a SSL connection so we can’t acces it with the dynamic routes mysql and in the manual I saw that we should use ODBC. Only I’m totally unknown with this, can you help me to tell what we need to insert into function:



A trailing semicolon is not required in the query. Since the SQL query is written directly to Asterisk dialplan, any semicolon character(s) must be escaped with \

A lookup is done to an Asterisk ODBC data source. The parameters used are:

  • ODBC function: the Asterisk ODBC function name that has been configured
  • ODBC query: the query. It can contain substitutions as indicated in the table below. Example: select destination from callerid_table where calleridnum like ‘%[NUMBER]’

For information about setting up ODBC see the article at the Dynroutes home page.

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