Dynamic Outbound Trunk Selection

I have 2 SIP providers and I want to ensure that when one of my call center reps transfers a call to an external party that the outbound call goes over the same provider the original call came in.

Originating call can be either inbound or outbound.

The goal is to save money by only maintaining a single call once the transfer is made. Currently, a call may come in over one provider and go out over another. That results in me having to pay one provider for the full duration of the inbound and another on top of that for the outbound. If I can push them over the same provider I can eliminate the extra cost on the second provider. This would save me about $7k/month.

Thanks for any input!

Knowing what I know about trunks and how they work - I doubt you are going to save anything. The second call, even if it goes back to the provider, is likely to be billed as a second call.

There are commercial modules for outbound routing. A quick call or email to Sangoma Sales might be worth your while. Short of that, there are strategies you can use on your outbound routing, including routing by caller ID and routing based on prefixed dial strings.

Thanks cynjut …

When I first set up these trunks one of the providers assured me it would only count as a single leg if I bridged the two together. That being said, I wouldn’t put it past them to charge me for the full duration of each leg individually. They also tried to charge me $16k for international calls made over a trunk that was setup with an international block on it from their end. :slight_smile:

Is there any notion of take-back-transfer or release-link-trunking in SIP? I haven’t had to do anything with it since my TDM days, so I’m just not sure.

I actually just realized the answer to the question of release link trunking. Being a SIP REFER to perform the similar action. Still doesn’t resolve my initial question since it has to be based on the inbound trunk and initiated by the originating call.

FreePBX can’t do that and I don’t think any carrier I know.of supports it as the carrier still has to pay for both legs. Their may be a fringe few but vet doubtful on that.

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