Dynamic outbound call routing

We currently have a 4 port PRI card in my FreePBX ( system. We are using all 4 ports and are bound to the PRIs due to carrier contract. We are installing a new internet connection which includes some SIP trunks and free minutes on those trunks. What I would like to do is find a way to balance my outbound trunk usage so that I get the benefit of the SIP trunks but also continue to use my bucket allotment. So to clarify I’d like a way to route x number of calls over one set of trunks and the remaining over another set all using the same outbound dial digit. I can see how to prioritize my trunks within the route however that is only for availability.

I’m open to suggestions even if it involves another piece of hardware or system. We process a lot of calls so it would certainly be beneficial to us. Please let me know if I’ve left out any significant information that would be useful.

This is awesome! Thank you very much

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