Dynamic IP changes, phones Disconnect

You are also correct, from a semantics point of view. However, I thought when I suggested reading up on Travelin Man, that anyone unfamiliar, as the original poster appeared to be, might actually read the article, and follow the detailed instructions. I didn’t realize I had to spell it all out in my note. Sorry for attributing to much initiative to the readers. Next time I will leave it to the critics to help out those in need.

The actual problem with this is part of why we don’t talk about IncrediblePBX or Travelin’ Man’s scripts here. IncrediblePBX is a fork of FreePBX so not only does it have portions of FreePBX that have been modified (like removal of module signatures, etc) it also has all of its own little features and functionality built into it.

So sending someone over to that forum to use those instructions can actually cause issues with the FreePBX system or put the user in a bad spot. Especially when, as it was pointed out, FreePBX already has a solution for this in its own Firewall module a module that can’t exist on IncrediblePBX because IncrediblePBX doesn’t have all the requirements to run it.

So you offered a solution from a different PBX platform and ignored the existing solution on this PBX platform. Yeah, that can’t go bad for anyone.

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