Dynamic Conferences

I am running Freepbx 2.10.

Ideally I would like to setup a number that users can call, they would then be prompted for a conference number. The user could then enter an arbitrary conference number the conference would then be created. Any other callers who call and enter the same conference number would then join that conference.

If that is not possible, is it possible to setup a few conferences that are accessible by the same DID, but the users will be prompted for the conference number?

Sorry if I am missing this, I am relatively new to FreePBX and various searches aren’t offering much help.


I know of no way to do what you want without writing your own code. But, you can come close.

You could create an IVR, and then map each of the selections in the IVR to a Conference Room. While users couldn’t create their own conference number, you could create a large # of options, i.e. 100 or so, and prompt users to select a # between 100 and 200 for their conference.

I was able to come up with a solution, and it was pretty straight forward (after I spent hours researching). I am using extension 760. I am doing this from memory, so these steps may not be in the correct order. This was a bit of trial and error on my part, but I think these were the keys to a working solution.

Add an entry to /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf

This is what mine looks like:
exten => 760,1,Wait(1)
exten => 760,2,MeetMe(,Md)

Create a custom destination (Admin -> Custom Destination)
Custom destination: dynamic-conference,760,1
Description: dynamic-conference

Create a Misc Application (Applications -> Misc Applications)
Description: dynamic-conference
Feature code: 760
Destination: Custom Destinations / dynamic-conference

Add inbound route /DID to extension 760 if needed.