Dynamic agents, local extensions problem

Hello all,
I have currently set my freepbx 2.9.07, asterisk 1.6 asterisknow install to devices and users mode. I have several phones provisioned and apparently working however; I’ve run into an issue that has me stumped. I have designed a device with an extension 1000, and a user with id 2000.

If the user is not logged into the phone the phone will ring when 1000 is dialed. Expectedly at this point 2000 does not. However; once the user dials in, 2000 can be rung at the phone rings. All good. Problem is, if 1000 is dialed now, the phone does not ring, and eventually the caller goes to voicemail.

Is there a solution to enabling both to be rung at once? Our agents need to be logged into the queue (2000), however they still need to be able to receive calls to their regular extension.