DW 110 wird mit Notruf angezeigt und erlaubt kein Trasferieren

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ich habe das Problem das der Mitarbeiter Max mit der Durchwahl 110 intern als Notruf angezeigt wird wenn dieser andere Mitarbeiter anruft. Zudem kann man externe Gespräche nicht zu dem Mitarbeiter Tranferieren.

Ich würde gerne dem Mitarbeiter die Durchwahl 110 lassen (ist auch die Endung beim Rufnummernblock). Wie kann man das Problem beheben ?

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Dialplan ändern. This is not a good idea, because this is not what people expect. In case of an emergency situation and things go wrong, you could be liable for the damage, though in the US stricter rules and requirements for emergency numbers are valid.

I’d move away from 3 digit extensions and work with a 4 digit block starting with 1000 for internal numbers. This still overlaps with the area code of some dump, but this is not a problem in real life.

To debug this it might be helpful to share the call trace from a problem call using pastebin. Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

For historical reasons Germany has a somewhat special numbering plan (Telephone numbers in Germany - Wikipedia) that minimizes the digits one has to dial. Larger cities have shorter prefixes and allow more home phones for a given number of digits. Nowadays this is no longer really relevant, but it is harder to distinguish between local and external numbers.

It’s possible, but not worth the effort, imo. It’s better to have local numbers with a “collision minimizing pattern”. On pure Asterisk servers I use the official list of area codes plus some context information, but that would require some changes within the FreePBX config files.

As said before, I think it is generally unwise to use local externsions like 911, 110, or 112. 912, 111, 112 are similarly bad. If the wrong number is dialed too often, the supervisory authority will kindly draw your attention to the error, though,…

Ich habe die Durchwahl von 110 auf 1100 bei diesem Mitarbeiter geändert. Denke das ist die einfachte Möglichkeit wo es keine Probleme gibt. Die anderen Lösungen sind mir zu Kompliziert.

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