Duration on call with busy status

I got big bill from operator.The duration of calls there significantly exceeds the sum in the sample from the asterisk database with the ANSWERED status

the situation as it appeared itself and passed by itself
On the detail from the operator, the duration of the call is equal to the sum of the durations of all records. There is no robot or IVR there. The handset, as I understand it, did not rise and the call was not placed on hold. Can someone suggest how to appeal to an operator with such a problem?
Asterisk 16.6.2,

I don’t think any operator is going to allow you an 899 second call that hasn’t been answered. I suspect the call got answered in order to play an announcement. However, I’m a raw asterisk user, so I’d need to see the full log for the call to see if and where it was answered.

I have no logs.
I have only cdr logs in DB and call recordings. Call recording valid and have duration that corresponds duration in ANSWERED row.
There are no announcements. This is simple queue.
There is information from cell table with this src

I’m pretty sure the provider is in the right here.

In particular, I’d point out that, at least in the UK, mobile networks will abandon an unanswered outbound call after about 30 seconds. I can’t find a reliable figure for landlines, but I know it less than many call centres leave people waiting. I think you are actually relying on the call being answered, and billed to someone, to allow you to work with your current agent staffing levels.

I am from Ukraine. Calls to this callcanter never drops by timeout.
We are pay for all incoming calls when call received.
I can not correlate the duration of the real recording and the time while the call was waiting for someone to answer it. For some reason, the operator’s PBX thought that the call had already been accepted and the session was open.

If your Queue has Queue No Answer set to No (the default), the call is answered (and billing starts) immediately. If set to Yes and an agent doesn’t answer, it’s up to the provider when to start billing (or drop the call). They may start billing an unanswered call after as little as 30 seconds. One minute is fairly common.

You can easily test the current behavior of your PBX by calling in from your mobile. When it shows ‘connected’ or starts counting time, this indicates that the PBX has answered, even if an agent has not yet picked up.

Yeap Queue no answer is set to no.
Can you explain its behaviour please?
NO: means that queue accept call and asterisk waits when first freeagent will be acceptable
YES: means that asterisk not accept call and what next in case there no free agents and no alternate routing?

Thank you for your help!

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