Duplicate number detection in Broadcast (Dialer) module

Is there any way to disable the duplicate number detection in the Broadcast/Dialer module? I actually need it to dial out for some load testing, which means I need it to call the same number x times and play a file… But of course, when I upload a CSV that has the same number (granted, a different name), it strips the duplicate entries. Also, manually making them does the same thing.


I know nothing about this module, but would assume that you could add an Outbound Route that accepts multiple prefixes with a match pattern of X. and prepend blank. You would use a unique prefix for each instance of the number to be repeatedly called.

It would be one way to make seven simultaneous calls to win this contest Radio Station Contesting Setup :wink:

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Tricky, and brilliant. I could do it with anything and strip it to turn it into the number I want. Beautiful…

And actually, back when we were an Avaya dealer, I scripted something in Avaya for my wife, who was a big American Idol fan. YOu’d call the application, enter 01-08, and it would then turn around and dial out (en-masse) to the American Idol TFN for whoever you wanted to win. :slight_smile:

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