DUNDi Support

Hi there,
I’ve setup my system to be part of a DUNDi cloud, and it works fine. But I’m having trouble getting my head around how I can get FreePBX to play nice with DUNDi. Ideally, I would be able to setup a custom trunk that calls my DUNDi macro, but the custom trunks in the current version assume you will be using the Dial command and don’t allow for anything else. So… Any suggestions here?

I could edit the dial macros, but they’ll be overwritten if FreePBX needs to make a change to sip.conf. I really just want it to be able to try to find a DUNDi route for certain exchanges first, and then fail over to my VoIP trunks if no routes are found. Anything anyone can suggest would be great.


edit the _custom.conf or create your own include files…cleaner that way…