Dundi or Enum?

We are running Asterisk on PIAF with FreePBX We have several servers and frequently call from one server extension to another. We are looking at both Dundi and Enum to connect the boxes and I would like to get a bit of feedback on both systems.

I understand that enum uses a centralized server to maintain the database and dundi uses some type of peer to peer network to link the servers together. To build an enum server doesn’t seem to be too difficult whereas the Dundi setup definitely looks complicated and I can’t seem to find much up to date info out there either.

We are not lazy though so I’d like to get some feedback/recommendations on which way to go. Thanks in advance.

If you run your own DNS, ENUM. For example, if your company domain is company.com, set up enum.company.com and populate that with your ENUM database.

But note that you will have to edit the FreePBX ENUM config (that is to say, you can’t just configure an ENUM trunk and be done), because it won’t have your local ENUM zone. A list of three ENUM zones is hard-coded into the enumlookup.agi: e164.org’,‘e164.arpa’,‘e164.info’. I’m not sure why Asterisk’s enumlookup is not used. Maybe a developer can tell us? But because of that, you can’t put your enum zone in the /etc/asterisk/enum.conf. Rather, you just have to modify the agi script to use your enum.company.com zone instead of the three it has.

Thanks but I need to connect several servers and don’t want to keep track of the extensions on every machine.

You can simply use IAX2 trunks to connect the servers together.
The way i do it.
Create IAX2 trunks.
On each server i create w range of extensions.

then create outbound routes and dialing patterns.
So if i am on server1 and i dial extension 31000 the call will be routed to server2…