Dundi offers two dial routes. Which one does the system try

If you have two dundi peers that can supply the same number to dial will the system try them both if one of the out dial trunks are busy.

So, we have server a, b and c. server a and b are in the same local calling area. Server C places a call and dundi sees that server A and B can both dial this number. What one does it choose and if the one it chooses is busy will it try the other.

Also, if server B places a call and it is local to server B but all of server B’s trunks are busy will dundi check and see if it can be sent out on another server.


I’ve not tried a three system setup but that is what the weighting factors are for. It should walk through the responses from each system in increasing weight order until there are none left that can handle the call.

This is directly from my Dundi.conf file.

; ‘weight’ is the weight to use for the responses provided from this
; mapping. The number must be >= 0 and < 60000. Since it is totally
; valid to receive multiple reponses to a query, responses received
; with a lower weight are tried first. Note that the weight has a
; special meaning in the e164 context - see the GPA for more details.

So, both systems should not have the same weight, thus it would try one route then the other. But will I need somthing in my dial plan to tell it to try the other or is that built into dundi. Also, if the number is local to my system but all trunks are busy how would I get it to try another dundi lookup.