Dundi for local ext and local pstn calls?

Using Dundi to connect 3 PBX in 3 states. I would like long distance calls to attempt routing to local prefixes of the 3 locations through Dundi in addition to internal extensions and am a tad confused.

  1. Do I need to create mappings for e164 in addition to priv?
    Currently I have “priv => ext-dundi,0,IAX2,priv:${SECRET}@${NUMBER},nopartial”

  2. Do I need to create 2 different dundi trunks in freepbx for 2 different mappings?

I have found examples doing just internal extensions, or e164, but not combined.



Also Philippe, where do we put the dundicheck module again?


I wrote a How-to on Dundi before FreePBX added the module. I don’t know if it will help you, but here it is anyway.


Module Admin section and upload it.

Thanks john, got it, good talking with you the other day!

Thanks cosmic, now to test!

Are there more modules for DUNDI than what was released with the latest FreePBX? If so where can I get them.