Dual WAN Failover with FreePBX (quicker failover)

Hello again everybody.
I have a Fortigate 60E firewall with Dual Internet connections for fail-over. Both Internet connections have static IP addresses. Based on some other posts, I setup a DYN DNS entry for the external IP address of my connection and used that hostname in the CHAN_SIP settings of Asterisk SIP Settings page in FreePBX.
The issue is when the primary goes down, it takes about 10 minutes so I can start hearing 2-way audio, probably because the registration to the SIP provider hasn’t updated to the new IP address yet. So after about 10 minutes things seem normal, but then it’s another 10-minutes if the connection fails back to the primary again.
Are there any timers I can change to make this process go quicker? I’m using a cron script every 5 minutes on the FreePBX host to update the DYN DNS entry, so maybe I can make that more frequent, but should I be modifying any registration timers, so maybe asterisk reloads when it fails over?

Any help would be greatly appreciated to make this fail-over quicker so phones work normally.


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