Dual ringback tone on outbound calls


I have got a single freepbx setup in the UK that was working fine on ISDN2 with a bri card, I have recently upgraded it with a pri card and plugged into an ISDN30 but now it sounds like we get a local ringback tone (ring, ring ……… ring, ring………….ring, ring) and also an international ringback tone (really long ring’s) on all outbound calls.

I have plugged in a tradition pbx (Avaya) to the ISDN30 just to prove to myself there was nothing wrong with the line and this behaves as normal. I hope I have provided enough correct information and that someone might have an idea on what’s going wrong.

PS sorry for the poor ringing explanations in brackets! Also I am using a OpenVox D210E 2-port ISDN PRI/E1 PCI-Express card.