Dual NIC setup

Tomorrow I am going to setup a Dual NIC for the first time. Eth0 will plug into the local network and Eth1 will connect directly to an onsite SIP connection. Obviously in System Admin I will program eth0 and eth1 with the proper subnets and gateways.

Do I need to make changes at the root level to choose which eth is the default? Do I even need to set a default?

Yes you will have to set a default NIC.

There’s plenty posts how to do that, a quick Google or community search should return relevant info.

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If you need to direct the traffic to your VoIP provider through a specific NIC, which I think you do, you can define a static route for the IPs of your provider to use the specific NIC and leave the local network NIC as default, that way you will not have any other traffic going through the “provider” NIC, thus avoiding bandwidth issues on that NIC.


It was almost the exact same as setting up static routes for a single NIC except I setup the static routes for eth1 while leaving the traffic for eth0. Thanks!

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