Dual install asterisk 1.2/1.4 howto?

On the blog phollipe mentioned “you can simply swap back and forth between (asterisk) 1.2 and 1.4 and a simple ‘reload bar’ press will get you up and going”

  I am running rc1 with asterisk 1.2.24 and loving every minute so far. My question is how do I accomplish what was suggested here? Do I simply compile aserisk v1.4 and it shows up as a choice on the dashboard or ??

Maybe an even better question is where do I look to get a leg up on how to convert my existing beta setup to asterisk 1.4 with as little pain as possible.

This install was initially [email protected] then trixbox. However, soon after the kernel freeze Rob wrote a treatise on how to untrix your trixbox. I did and have nerver looked back. Now how to move on with ver 1.4 asterisk??

Get all the 1.4 sources ready and unpacked in /usr/src

build, install and start zaptel if needed, then build and install asterisk & the addons as required.

In Freepbx change anything, or simply (e.g.) submit an extension page with no changes - just to get the ‘Apply configuration changes’ bar - and apply the new config.

All files should be rebuilt to suit the Asterisk version in use.
You can then restart asterisk.

Note if you use zaptel - the asterisk 1.4.x configure script seems to require zaptel 1.4 not only compiled & installed but running before it will allow the zap channel stuff to be built in asterisk…

(If you actually wanted to switch between the two versions, you would have to do the ‘make install’ step on the one you wanted and then do the ‘apply configuration’ again in Freepbx. I’ve only tried downgrading once & it didn’t work…)

Thank you for the reply. That is the start I needed but leaves open the simple switch Phillipe seemed to suggest. Maybe he has something up the sleeve and will comment later.

there are no secrets - every time you click the reload bar, it basically runs a script called retrieve_conf which rebuilds all the Asterisk conf files and then FreePBX issues a reload to Asterisk. Prior to generating the conf files it checks what version of Asterisk is running. It uses that information to make any specific decisions like the inclusion off call-limit in each extension for example.

As far as getting different versions of Asterisk running - you that is up to you and your distro to install one vs. the other - more or less as described above if doing it from a tarball.

I just finished upgrading to and I usually glance at an old guide


Before doing it.

[quote=“cosmicwombat”]I just finished upgrading to and I usually glance at an old guide:


Before doing it.[/quote]

I realize this is a “should have known it” question. I just needed a boost. I do appreciate the comments. Hopefully I will not be the only one to benefit from such clear answers. Thanks all!