DTMF trouble


I’ve visited a post or two, and see that there was a patch for the problem I’m about to describe, ut it looks like it was several versions ago. The post I looked at was 2 years old. Anyway, here goes:

I am using asterisk, FPBX on a 64 bit platform.

When I dial an auto attendant from the * server, the AA receiving the call can’t hear any or all of the touch tones I am dialing to navigate through the menu.

The documentation and resulting patch I’ve found looks like it was from * 1.4.

Is anyone else having trouble with this, or is it something simple I’ve overlooked?

Thank you!

We just keep kicking the tires here! Ha!

The problem was in the Aastra phones we were using; we had to un-select the “Force 2833” box and save/reboot the phone.

Fixed, BUT: be warned, your own VM will probably not work correctly! Weird, but true.