DTMF to prepend CID

Hi all,

I’ve done my best to find something that covers this but no luck.

What I want - When a caller calls in and make it past the IVR’s to the first queue they get a prompt to input customer number followed by a # (DTMF?). Or if they don’t know it to just hold for the first available rep (Time Out?). I don’t want the DTMF entry to change the behavior of what queue they go to. I want their customer number to prepend the CID that my reps will see.

I’ve looked a dynamic routing and Googled until my fingers cramped. I can’t find anything where someone has tied the DTMF to a CID.

Thanks in advance,


You need a Custom Destination that sends the caller to some simple dialplan that collects the DTMF digits and then prepends them to Callerid, and then continue on in the GUI to the queue.