DTMF signals


This is my first full install of Freepbx, currently managing an older Asterisk CLI based system. I am in test mode and have created some queues and extensions to be used only on our local LAN for the testing stage.

I have 2 pc’s with X-Lite 4 installed and can call each extension when logged in and the system will divert to voicemail when not logged in. However, I cannot retrieve the VM using X-Lite as it will not respond to the DTMF tones. As this is a local LAN install it can’t be an issue with firewalls or NAT as far as I can tell, the VM is setup to use RFC 2833 and I have checked each setting from within X-Lite. I don’t have any spare hard phones atm to test with and wondered if this is most likely a softphone issue or Freepbx issue?