DTMF RFC2833 and IVR

Hello There,

I have searched every thread on the internet and FreePBX.

We currently are using CHAN SIP the provider is passing RFC2833 and ulaw codec.

When calling in without IVR we can hear the DTMF tones being passed, when the IVR is activated we can still hear the tones being passed but the IVR does nothing with Direct Dial ON and digits pressed being passed to ring groups.

I have tried Inband / auto / info and RFC2833.

I have attempted to activate DTMF logging in /etc/asterisk/logger dtmf=>dtmf but it does not give any logs.

Any ideas ?

you can start asterisk by asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvv, you will see more debug info out. Could you record down the file? if can do that, you can use some tools to analyze that.