DTMF problem with extension number on softphone

I’m new with freePBX. I’m using FreePBX, Asterisk 11.4.0 and softphone is 3CX Phone.
I’m preparing IVR system. Through my tests I wanted to use softphone instead cell phone for obvious reasons. I created to extensions: one for phone and second for connecting to IVR.
To second number has “follow me” option that if ther is no answer it connects to IVR.
Both numbers are created the same way with the same things. Everything is done through GUI.
The problem is that when I call I get connection to IVR, I hear first statement but I can’t go further.
It seems that DTMF doesn’t works. And second problem is that after first recording softphone disconnect me.

I have also a SIP account with DID number. I configure SIP Trunk and Inbound Route to connect to IVR and
it works.

I’m not sure if I did everything. Maybe I didn’t set something or add?

Thanks for any help.

Mayby an idea what may I missed ?