DTMF or * in queue

Hi there,
I cannot find any option about pressing * or any number in DTMF when incoming call is already in joined in queue.
Is there any?
I need to play message when the caller pressed * or any number in DTMF.
I accept any suggestions .

I believe the only things you can do, whilst waiting in a queue, using DTMF, on the underlying Asterisk, involve permanently leaving the queue (* can be set to hangup, and you can enable an extension to be dialled).

With Asterisk is possible to place a local channel in front of the queue, which could have a feature code enabled to play the message, but I don’t know an easy way of doing this in FreePBX and an agent could answer the call oblivious of the fact that the caller was listening to the message, which would continue to play to completion.

In Asterisk you can dequeue on a key and play a message… but that’s not likely what you want. What are you trying to build?

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