DTMF Issue


I recently purchased a TDM410P (2XFO, 2XFS, Echo Cancel Module) and as I was testing the card for echo, I noticed that it was not working with the menu selections. Pressing an IVR menu button only produced a short silence, then the menu recording resumed. I tried boosting the receive gain, but it didn’t work.

I put the old card back in the unit, and it worked fine. It also works fine with VoIP lines, it was just that one card.

The only thing I noticed was the FXO and FXS modules were switched. On the old card, 1 and 2 were FXO, 3 and 4 FXS. On the new card, it’s reserved.

DAHDI Config correctly detected it in the GUI, but when i did “dahdi_cfg -vvv” it displayed them incorrectly.