DTMF Issue?

When dialing into a client’s PBX and dialing an extension, sometimes I get the user I am looking for, sometimes I get someone else. My first guess is that this is a DTMF issue? My extension is set to RFC2833. Is this a timing issue?

How do I go about tweaking my DTMF settings?

I am using FreePBX Distro (FreePBX & Asterisk

Can anyone provide some insight?

You need to post asterisk logs of a phone call that doesn’t work correctly from the client PBX and preferably also your PBX. You also need to explain what kind of trunk you are using to connect from your PBX to the client PBX.

I don’t have access to any logs on the client’s PBX. I looked at my asterisk logs, and I don’t see the extension in the logs, only the main number dialed.

Strangely, the same extension was dialed today and the issue did not occur. No changes were made to my PBX. Could it be more likely an issue with the remote PBX? This only occurs on calls to one location.