DTMF issue - need help

Setup is a FreePBX server, up to date, been in operation 2+, serving a half dozen physical locations each with their own incoming number available to the public. Spectrum cable provides a fiber connection and the SIP. Suddenly no outside callers can “get through” by pressing an option number as they listen to the auto-attendent. Local tech that set up the server said everything looks good. Watchguard VPN router tech checked things and all looks good. Every endpoint on the network is all fine. Spectrum has no answer. It’s my system in my office, I am the business owner and tech savvy in software dev, but not this. Looking for suggestions.

First, confirm that this is actually a DTMF issue, rather than no inbound audio on incoming calls.

Do calls between extensions work normally? Outgoing calls? If an incoming number is routed directly to an extension, is there audio in both directions?

If it’s just DTMF not working, go to Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings and turn on DTMF logging to full. Make a failing inbound call and see whether any key presses appear in the log.

Post some details about the system: FreePBX and Asterisk versions? pjsip or chan_sip trunks? DTMF mode? Physical or virtual platform? If more than one NIC, please explain. Static public IP address? How does the trunk connect to Spectrum (via their on-site SBC, via a private IP address on their network, via a public IP address, etc.)?

Are you aware of what may have caused it to stop working (software update of FreePBX, update of underlying OS, update of Watchguard or other networking gear, update performed by Spectrum)?

Thank you for your reply and all the ideas. The proper service resumed last evening and just now this morning I received a call, after 4 days of outage, from Spectrum cable saying "We updated the firewall and the ACL (Access Control List) inside the firewall.

They provide our fiber and SIP and it’s guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Guess they failed on that.

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