DTMF Internal

I Have installed freePBX 2.8.1 version and asterisk version.
Internally when i dialled IVR number, able to hear IVR Play but DTMF to reach extn. is not Recognizing and also Conference number DTMF also not accepting.
Can you suggest?

What kind of phone are you using to connect to the system? IP or Analog - if IP, what brand/model? If analog, what type of ATA adapter are you connecting it to, and if you know - what DTMF method are you using.

Typically these issues are a mismatch of configuration of the DTMF type between all the parties involved.

Now i have changed some settings In IVR>Digital Receptionist> checked Enable dial,Loop before T-dest and loop before I-dest.Now it is working. Thanks for your response.