DTMF Controlled Relay

I have a Viking VK-RC-3 Relay Controller that is behind my FreePBX 6.12.65-27 Asterisk 12.8.1 switch using an Adtran Total Access 916 as the gateway to provide dialtone to the controller. PRI from XO communications.

When calling using its own dedicated DID the device answers. When dialing the DTMF digits for the passcode (which begin with a *1) the PBX seems to respond like it is trying to turn on recording.

" – Executing [s@macro-one-touch-record:1] Set(“SIP/6080-00000991”, “ONETOUCH_REC_SCRIPT_STATUS=”) in new stack"

It often repeats back bursts of DTMF to the phone that is being used to program or control it.

The only way to control it reliably is to wait a full two seconds before dialing each digit. “*…1…”

I have found notes on “the internet” that the problem lies in the way Asterisk intercepts DTMF and acts on the digits entered.

Is there any way to fix this?



*1 is overloaded by FreePBX, disable or edit it in feature code admin