Dtmf and feature codes are not working


I got a problem with dtmf.

When I get called and connected, I can use the feature codes like transfer call (*2) but if I call someone and try to transfer the call
to another party all of the feature codes are not working anymore.

What could be the Problem? I tried it with x-lite and aastra phones.

Proto: SIP
DTMF: RFC 2833 or Auto
FreePBX: 2.10

Thanks a lot!

In the general setting check out your dialing options.

Thank you! This is working now . But now everyone can use the feature codes, as well the calling extern party.
What have I did wrong?

Asterisk Dial command options: tTrwW
Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: T

I just want our sip phones to be able to use the feature codes.

Thanks a lot.