DST, OSS, and Polycom

We’re having some trouble with the displayed time on our polycom phones involving DST.

We’re in the Mountain Timezone (GMT -7, or -25200)

My sip.cfg template (OSS Endpoint Advanced -> Product Configuration Editor -> SoundPoint In-Production Models -> sip.cfg) contains the following:


However when the file is generated, the resulting sip.cfg in /tftpboot contains the following:


While we are currently in DST, if I add the rest of the configuration parameters for DST, the phones time will display an hour ahead (Offset -21600 with another -3600 for DST). Is it possible my server is somehow configured for the wrong timezone which causes {$timezone_gmtoffset} to input the wrong value?

   cat /etc/sysconfig/clock

Admin -> System Admin -> Timezone also shows America / Edmonton. Is there somewhere else I need to check?


Same problem here. We are in Mountain Time and are using America/Denver

Still getting Central Time’s DST offset in the sip.cfg though.