DSS prefix - Are they useful?

I got all excited about the prefix dss option for the Sangoma phones. I tested it in the lab and seemed like a good idea. So I purchased them for the install I did Tuesday morning. Let me tell you a few things I learned from this endeavor.

Prefix will be applied for all DSS buttons, including Night Service, Parking Hint Buttons and any other button you will use. So unless you only use DSS button for an extension you can’t use the prefix setting on the phone.

Yes they apply to all BLF type buttons as a whole. The phone has no way of knowing 1 BLF is for a extension but another BLF is for some other hint.

These prefixes only apply to BLF type buttons so it wont apply them to speeddial or XML or anything else.

Feel free to open a feature request on being able to set which buttons should honor the prefix dialing and we could look at adding a option per BLF button that basically enables or disables the prefix dialing.

The prefix also applies to speed dial buttons.
Did you want it to do that too?

ya sorry type on my behalf we did add it to speed dials at requrest of a customer.