DSLite (Dual Stack) - IPv6 only?

Some providers started the DSLite mode which is kind of a nightmare, because you can’t access IPv4 devices from outside.
I was wondering if FreePBX would work with this situation?
I’m not so good with this new things :frowning:

Thanks for infos

For extensions, it’s probably fine. Though there are no guarantees, SIP phones generally work well over LSN / CGN. If you did have trouble, a VPN connection is an easy workaround.

OTOH, I would not put a PBX on such a connection, even one with no external extensions, unless all your trunks are also local (POTS, PRI, GSM gateways). You would be restricted to ‘register’ trunks and could have issues with NAT associations being lost or corrupted.

Although DS Lite is becoming more common for residential accounts, it’s usually possible for a business to get service that includes at least one dedicated IPv4 address.

Yes you can be a business to have an IPv4, but I’m not. That’s really crazy.
Not only my phones are impacted and are for the moment hosted elsewhere, but I need to find a solution.

What would mean a VPN? Still need another server then.

Yelling devices should supports IPv6 but I know that if an extension device is in a network without IPv6 then it can’t communicate with my server, right?

Welcome to the internet of the future: shutdown all you servers :frowning:

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