Dropping Outbound Calls when a new call comes in

If I am dialing a number and a new call comes into the office, the line I am diling out on will drop.

Any reason why I cannot dial a number while a new call comes in?

Many Thanks,

We don’t have any mind readers that I am aware of that help out. With the 100’s of systems FreePBX runs on and the 1000’s of different types of phone lines, phones and configurations please reread your question and ask yourself “how could someone answer this??” .

Please try again.

Freepbx version:
SIP Provider: vitality.net
IP: Nated solution
Desk Phones: Aastra 67i
Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I am lacking important details.

Basically, the office is calling out verifying appointments, which works fine. However, if the office is dialing a number when a new call comes in, the line that is dialing will drop and the incoming call will be answered.

I would think that the line that is diling out would not drop and another phone in the ring group will be able to pickup the call without dropping the out going call.


The SIP provider was suggesting I use a router with Deep Packet Inspection for SIP. That said, I moved the server to have a Public NAT’d IP address. My concern is the server is exposed via public IP. Since this is an Out of the Box FreePBX server, I do not know how secure the box really is.

Any suggestions for me to resolve the dropped calls when a new call comes in?

Thank you