Dropping MD110 to FreePBX 500 and 1000 extensions with HA

I have the task of removing two MD110 PBX. One with and another with 500 2E1 and 4E1 1000 extensions. I want to use the module HA in these structures, would like to know what hardware would be recommended for the two structures.

Scenario 1:

500 Extensions to commercial module HA

Scenario 2:

Up to 1000 Extensions module with HA.

I intend to insert in scenario 2,two Servers with HA module. How are over 1000 extensios if something goes wrong do not commit all the Extensions.

In both scenarios TLS, Voicemail, recording and failover IVR’se Digium R850 will be used. I would like to suggestions with the solution of FreePBX.

Sorry for my English

Please open a sales ticket here, and one of our sales engineers can assist you with quoting the proper hardware. http://schmoozecom.com/contact.php