Dropped calls - FXO


Running FreePBX with Asterisk Ver. 11.8.1 and we are getting random dropped calls on our FXO trunks.

This has happened using both a card from Rhino Equipment and is now happening with a Digium card.

Length of call has varied on dropped calls. Doesn’t happen everyday.

Anyone have any clues?


Does it happen more often when it rains?

A PBX is much more sensitive to line voltage that a traditional phone or key system.

If you get more drops on a damp day you have a bad feeder cable or splice.

If you have invested in 2 different cards I would call your provider.

ATT says our lines are clean. :frowning:

Other thinks to check would include call waiting service on the line, a bad thing, and false triggering of any busy detect you might have set up, unnecessary on AT&T PSTN lines.

Log dates and times then look at the asterisk logs. I did commercial installs and worked on the hardware side and I can say 98% of the time it is the carrier.

Good example: last week got a email that phones are down and carrier confirms everything is fine. I log in and see the trunk is fubar. Told them what to tell the telco and to escalate til someone does something. 30 minutes later telco confirms a power issue at the mdf. Confirm your wiring from the dmark then ride wm like a small horse. Also make sure you dont have callprogress or busydetect set.