Drop call from cid lookup script

I have a CID lookup script in place which looks up a number for caller id and also looks up if the number is on a spam list (telemarketing, etc). This script written in PHP works great, it shows me if I should not pick up and if not also adds the number to my blacklist. The next thing I was hoping to do is drop the call instead of just warning me. Can this be done from a PHP script? The script is running locally so I have access to the resources of the server.

This looks like it could work, but I don’t see how I can run this from my PHP script: https://confluence.panio.info/display/PUBL/HOW+to+hang+up+an+active+or+hung+call+in+FreePBX+or+Asterisk

I solved this by using “dynroute”. My PHP script checks the spam list and if yes returns a value which the module then uses to drop the call.

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