Dreaded UCP "Working in Offline Mode"

So, I have recently got the dreaded UCP “Working in Offline Mode” message. This has been posted hundreds of times, and they all seem to have the same answer. “Upgrade to 13.xxx”.

Has anyone actually found a workaround, or why this just randomly stops working on 12? Quite honestly, I hate the look, and feel of the GUI on 13, and I don’t want to re-write my training manuals for my staff right now to accomodate the upgrade to 13. Nothing has changed on my system recently. It just stopped working the other day. I could live without it if need be, but unfortunately I do have a business client who uses the UCP to modify their follow me settings to forward to a cell phone at end of day.

I currently have a time condition setup to push to a ring group at a set hour, but they need to be able to change this cell number if the one person is on holidays and such.

Any help would be great on either a workaround, or fix for this error. Any logs/messages you may need to help, just let me know.

*Note: current steps taken;
-Checked all modules for upgrades on current version,
-Tried different browser
-Tried different PC on another network
-Rolled back system
-Ran database repair
-Deleted, re-added user/devices

13 is just as obsolete as the version you are running. So you don’t have to worry much about that. Good news - UCP in 15 looks completely different from 13. :slight_smile:

Maybe a call forwarding entry that can be manipulated from the phone would serve the purpose.

As for 12 … haven’t really looked at it in a long time, and you probably won’t find many on this forum who are still using 12, but my suggestion would be look at the browser developer console logs for clues.

If I could upgrade ONLY UCP to 13, or 15, or whatever, without upgrading the whole system, I would be perfectly fine with that. If its possible to manually upload it, great. I just think the newer PBX version is not as user friendly, and simplistic as the older style. Just my preference I guess.

A call forwarding would work, if they could successfully do it on all 3 lines…which they can’t. When I originally installed them, they broke their system within 30 minutes by just mashing star codes. I also don’t have control over the internal phones unfortunately as that’s all provided by a different company. I’m just stuck with the headache of providing the service, and trying to make life simple for everybody.

Found the fix for anyone with this issue in the future. When someone closes out of UCP, they have to actually “logout” from the session. If not, PBX will hold on to it as an active session (Even if you open it again on the same IP/PC, it will count as a new session). Had to manually go through the user management panel in the admin config, and close all active sessions. UCP works again. Pretty poor mechanics, but that was the fix for my UCP issue.

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