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I just upgraded from FreePBX 13 (FreePBX to FreePBX 15 (FreePBX

Everything seems to work fine except my Digium phones.

DPMA is v3.6.3

Normally, I would input the digium configuration server address, then It would ask me for a password (Global Pin, which I see configured in General Settings), and then I would select one of the Phones, enter password, and it would fetch the configuration and connect.

Now, after I input the digium configuration server adresse, it does NOT ask for the global pin, and then it gives me a bunch of extensions… not phones, extension. Then whichever I choose, it does not ask for a password, and then just loads up the phone with no extension or anything, and won’t work.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

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Hi, @Nucleus Are you using Endpoint Manager or FreePBX “Digium phone module”?

For EPM please refer to https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-DPMA+for+Digium+Phones



No I’m using Digium Addons.

I’m configuring my phones via Connectivity > Digium Phones


I’m trying to use EndPoint manager.

My phone seems to be able to connect to the PBX, but it gets stuck on trying to download the firmware.

It’s an external phone.

I can’t figure how to work around this.

Can I skip firmware check altogether? How?

If now, what needs to be configured to allow for firmware download from an external phone?

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The firmware files are relatively large files. What is the upload speed of your internet line at the location of the server.
I use xml-config files for my Digium/Sangoma D-series phones. There you can edit the firmware-URL. The config file of my D80 points to the newest firmware file at http://dphone.dl.digium.com/firmware/switchvox/1_12_10/1_12_10_D80_firmware.eff


are you by chance trying to use the OpenVPN? If so, try to initially connect the phones without the VPN setting and let them get the firmware. Once updated, go into EPM > Extension mapping and re-enable the VPN.


Also, I’ve had a ton of DPMA issues with older systems upgraded from 13 to 15. Built a new 15 distro system from scratch and everything works flawlessly. Not ideal especially if you have a very large system but better time spent building clean distro than troubleshooting a dirty one.


My remote office has a 200 Mbps (download) / 100 Mbps (upload) connection.

The HQ (where the FreePBX server is located) has a My remote office has a 1000 Mbps (download) / 1000 Mbps (upload) connection.

I don’t think this is a speed issue.


No, I’m not using OpenVPN.

What you’re describing “system from scratch” is mostly what I’m doing!

I installed a fresh Distro, and proceeded to restore a backup from my FreePBX 13 system.

The only thing not working are the Digium phones.

I disabled the Digium phone config module and I’m trying to use the EndPoint Manager.

So I’m starting from scratch with the EndPoint Manager, basically.

I just don’t understand what needs to be done so my Digium phone can connect and download firmware properly.

Here are the ports that are forwarded:

  • 5060 & 5061 (TCP/UDP)
  • 10000 to 20000 (UDP)

Are there other ports that need to be opened?

Or other configuration?

Also, as pointed above, there is a very strange behavior: when the Digium phone connects to the PBX (presumably EndPoint) it does NOT ask for the Global Pin set in DPMA (in EndPoint). It just serves me a list of ALL the extensions in the PBX, and not the phones configured in EndPoint at all.

So I’m wondering what the Digium is connecting to?


you’re restoring a 13 backup to a 15 system. While this is supposed to work I’ve found with digium and DPMA weird stuff happens. When I say build from scratch I do mean the entire system, no restored backups.

Again, it takes longer but in the long run it’s less time.


Well I managed to make it work. I noticed this in EPM:

Initially I saw “internal” so I didn’t pay much attention.

But when I fowarded these ports from my firewall to FreePBX, everything started to work!

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